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Erika Andresen, JD, CBCP, MPA

Erika Andresen

After a career of high-risk situations where things changed every day and the consequences were actual life and death, Erika Andresen saw that business owners needed similar services to survive but did not know where to start. If you are a business that wants to stay alive and grow with security, Erika’s mission is to get you there!

Erika is a multi-hyphenate: veteran, best-selling author, lawyer, small business owner, volunteer, professional, lecturer, and the solution to resiliency failures.

Erika became an expert in emergency management and business continuity through her decade of experience working in actual disasters and advising on disaster response for an international organization. After starting her professional career as a corporate attorney, Erika felt the call to serve and joined the US Army JAG Corps. She attained the rank of major, advising generals during normal state-side operations, while responding to disasters, and handling terrorist threats in Afghanistan.


Her ability to assess risk and plan for contingencies daily while deployed earned Erika a reputation that had NATO advisors at the higher command asking for her input on updating guidance for the entire country. Erika further became known for incorporating all stakeholders in exercises she helped design for the military. She also teaches emergency management to graduate students in University of Texas at El Paso's MPA program and is an invited lecturer for MIT's Professional Program in Advanced Business Resiliency.

Erika is expertly skilled in working with business units and experienced in collaborating with senior leaders in: program initiation/management; risk assessment; impact/security analysis; business continuity planning & review; incident response; exercise creation and assessment; stakeholder engagement; governance review; crisis management; coordination with outside agencies.

EaaS is a play on SaaS (Software as a Service) except it is Erika as a Service. You get Erika and her expertise.


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