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Erika Andresen Paperback and Kindle Book Cover

Don't kill your business. Instead, keep your doors open and cash flowing! You - founder; leader; investor - can be your organization's HERO. Take the steps to increase your resiliency and secure a plan to face disasters, survive disruptions, and thrive in the aftermath.

How else do you expect to grow confidently?

"I didn't think I could use business continuity until I grew. I realized I couldn't grow until I did business continuity." Solopreneur client.

What is business continuity? It picks up where risk management fails. Watch this video to learn more.


Choose the path that allows you to successfully recover when things go wrong. It's never too late to learn what you wish you knew earlier.

Can your business survive a disaster? Is your business a disaster? Find out your Business Readiness Assessment score! 

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