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Get the Best-Selling Book!

     You have a lot of tools to help run your business. Sharpen your tools with an even better tool: an understanding of how to not kill your business when disaster strikes. Available on Amazon in digital and print formats.


"Risk management is about addressing the causes of the risk whereas [business continuity] addresses the effects. This is why what you're doing currently – if it isn’t [business continuity] – is not enough."

"You have the power to be ready. You have the power to grow your business confidently. You have the power to not kill your business. You always have. Now you know."

"[Crisis and Emergency Management Plans] will not address how your critical operations will continue to operate during the disaster and they will not minimize the interruptions caused by the disaster."

"Great ideas and goals without a deadline and action are just wishes. You can’t just make a wish and clap your business back to life (like Tinkerbell) once it’s dead."

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