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Get the Best-Selling Book!

     You have a lot of tools to help run your business. Sharpen your tools with an even better tool: an understanding of how to not kill your business when disaster strikes. Available on Amazon in digital and print formats.

Erika Andresen front and back book cover

"The learning points are delivered with motivating words of encouragement. I verbally said “yes!” more than once."

"After reading this book I was able to make proactive actions helping protect me and my business."

"Andresen provides valuable examples throughout and due to her fluid style the pages just fly by...Ultimately resilience is about being prepared for anything that may come and this books truly gives you all of the tools to be ready."

"Erika has made this important resource so super-accessible and easy to read and understand no matter what your business background."

"This book is GOLD!"

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