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Be your company's HERO!

Have Emergencies and Resilience Optimized (HERO) Cohort

Imagine taking a vacation and NOT worrying about what could go wrong with your business while you are not there. Imagine being at work and knowing outside your office door that things are going well and you are better prepared than your competition. 

How do you create this security blanket for your business and income? By having a Business Continuity Plan.

Wait, what is Business Continuity??

Business Continuity picks up where Risk Management fails. It is the bucket full of asphalt and shovel in your trunk you need to fill in the potholes on the road to your destination so you can reach your goal. It is the weather app that tells you what clothing and timing decisions you need to make based on the conditions. You already know how to do in your everyday life, discover how to apply it to your business. 

In 3 months' time you will build a plan specific to YOUR business that creates reliability and trust that your dream will stay alive and thrive. Take the lead in sliding into confidence and growth, knowing you can face disasters, disruptions, and things you don't even know about with a hair toss (cue Lizzo). 

Social media and websites are there to help create income; the HERO cohort is there to help prevent falling down and create a secure platform from which to grow. HERO is the only one that can guarantee your investment back: it unlocks the door to discounts on business insurance premiums (up to 20%) and grant money for your small business ($5,000).

What do you get, aside from returnable costs and the ability to keep your doors open and cash flowing??
Alternating weeks of academic sessions on the steps you need to make a Business Continuity Plan and 1:1 sessions reviewing the data you collect after each lesson, directing you on how to proceed with the next step and maximize the process. The 1:1's are truly where the magic happens You will become more resilient and the hero of your business and employees.

Knowing Business Continuity empowers you with an improvement process you'll have forever.

Cohort size is limited and run specific times of the year. There are no more cohorts for 2023! Getting ready for 2024?? Apply here.


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