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Be your company's HERO!

Have Emergencies and Resilience Optimized (HERO) Cohort

In 3 months' time you will build a business continuity plan specific to YOUR business. Take the lead in sliding into confidence and growth, knowing you can face disasters and disruptions with a hair toss (cue Lizzo). 

With a mixture of classes where you learn about the Business Continuity steps and then 1:1 feedback and direction sessions based on assignments, you will become more resilient and the hero of your business and employees.

What do you get, aside from the ability to not kill your business??
Alternating weeks of lessons on the steps you need to make a plan and 1:1 sessions reviewing the data you collect after each lesson, directing you on how to proceed with the next step and maximize the process.


Cohort size is limited and run specific times of the year. Apply by booking a call.


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