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Hear ye (me)! Hear ye (me)!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Promoting some events in September open to the public and some podcast interviews dropping as well -- and giving a platform to advertise some great people I am working with.

Frist, I am proud to partner with The DreamBank by American Family Insurance. It is really an amazing organization. They offer free events dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams. From their site:

"We’ll help you explore your passions, discover your potential, learn

from fellow dreamers and provide tactical tools and resources to help you pursue your dream with confidence."

It isn't just for businesses (but, naturally, that fits). They have resources for dreaming and action plans or fill-in-able maps to get the ball rolling. It provides inspiration and how-to. It's information, motivation, and resources for figuring out the details in home, career, community, or business. Anyone can sign up for my talk - live on September 12th, here:

Next, on September 21st, I will be presenting a webinar live on LinkedIn in collaboration with TAHR Services' own Warren Cook, BS, MBA, MS - Human Resources Expert. TAHR specializes in solving tax challenges and mitigating employment risk for the business owner in order to give them peace of mind.

We will provide an overview of the changing business landscape post global pandemic, specifically focusing on the remote workforce's challenges in HR and business risk. This includes the workplace situation, impact, challenges, obstacles, benefits and risks from a remote workforce. Then, strategies and solutions will be shared with the audience empowering practical application to achieved desired goals.

Register for this free webinar here:

Finally, if learning about all of this stuff makes your head hurt or makes you a little stressed, listen to the podcast about How to Not Kill Your Business and Stress Less. I am being interviewed by Jessica Harrington, MPH, and owner of Journey to Yourself Stress Management Coach. I both educate about business continuity as well as what I do to stress less - both by engaging in business continuity and personally at home on my downtime. I'm an entrepreneur as well, so that is a stress I need to manage to make myself resilient. Give it a listen.

Jess's podcast - Stress Less with me, Jess - has a lot of great episodes to make life a little easier and less stressful.

Naturally, there are a lot more podcasts and speaking engagements coming up. You can get an in-depth look at them -- and even access to links to most of them -- on the Speaking Engagements portion of the EaaS website under "About Me."

Next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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