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How do you like your kick in the bank account?

Semantics. Euphemisms. These two words are used when trying to mold the outcome or position of the receiver's mind. Semantics challenges meaning. Euphemisms challenge emotion. I'm going to do both right now.

Cost. Expense. Prohibiting.

Investment. Asset. Enabling.

What do either bring up for you, dear business owner or investor? You don't like the first, you like the second. But they each referring to the same thing: spending money. For me, that's spending money on your business.

For my business, I see certain necessities as expenses but see others as investments. The investments tend not to have an instant gratification factor. They take longer to see recoupment of my spending or an outcome (and sometimes the recoupment comes in forms other than money). But I see them as not just investments, but rather as betting on myself. And I will do that all day, every day.

I want to be around as a business. I want to survive. I want to thrive. That takes both cost and investment. If I saw everything as a cost, though, I would limit my growth potential and ability to reach a wider audience.

I invest in my business. My services via EaaS are, as a result, an asset. Investing in my business enables me to be better AND be available.

At some point not spending money is going to prohibit your business from growing, having nothing to do with sales or marketing. What good is it to have all your traditional ducks in a row when you have to fire employees, shut down, and close your doors permanently? Business continuity planning enables you to grow. It is an investment in the survivability of your business. It is an asset that keeps you operational and part of the market space when a disaster or disruption happens. It keeps your cash flowing.

So is it a bigger kick in the bank account to spend the money now or make no money when you've been shut down due to no planning? Inquiring minds (and a business owner doing market research) would like to know.

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