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It's never too late to learn what you wish you knew earlier

Your business suffered a set-back. Was it preventable? Could you have seen it coming? Where there things you could have done to minimize the hurt (downtime, extra costs, lost profits, complete cessation of operations, or business closure)? The answer is probably yes.

But don't let your past experience define your future experience. Unless it is motivation to do better next time. You are not a failure: you merely don't know what you don't know. You can't be held liable for some of the things you should have known. But now you know. You can do the following:

~ Prepare better for next time;

~ Build business practices that allow you to continue operating;

~ Learn about your risks and vulnerabilities;

~ Assess which of your business operations are vital;

~ Entice other vendors, suppliers and customers that you are safe to do business with.

How do you do all of this? Learn about business continuity and how it creates a resilient business. It will allow you to grow your business in any environment, navigate volatility and successfully recover when things go wrong. Because they always do.

And you have the power to be ready. You always have. You just didn't know. Now you do.

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