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Plant Care as Business Continuity - An Update

I know you all felt the pain of my story about my plants and how despite a last minute disaster, knowing what to do, and being limited in what I could do, I was able to save 2 of my 3 plants. The poinsettia, apparently, kicked the dust.

I didn't give up on the poinsettia, though. At the time my robust poinsettia was an example of how even drastic but limited measures won't save everything. Now I have a new angle:

What may seem initially like a failure to come out unscathed from a disaster or disruption can turn around given time.

It's been 2 months and my plant not only survived, it's beginning to thrive again! Imagine if I did nothing to try to mitigate the potential damage from the incompatible-with-plant-life temps. This poinsettia would surely have died instead of just giving the appearance it did. I didn't give up on my plant. I went back to taking care of it per usual. What I assumed as a death to the system was only a shock to the system.

Still a lesson about not coming out unscathed from every event - I lost the viewing pleasure of it's full bloom beauty for a time. But also how setting yourself up and taking the steps to be resilient will actually MAKE you resilient. And enable you to literally grow.

I've said this before - it's never too late. Never too late to learn what you wish you knew earlier. Never too late to start a business continuity plan (because even after a disaster, at least you'll be better prepared for next time).

Secure. Survive. Thrive. Check, check and check!

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