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Larger Impacts of Business Continuity

What makes a community thrive? Not even post-disaster, just in general. Businesses.

What makes businesses so special? Lots of reasons. First and foremost, they attract residents. Unless you like being away from people and want to live off the grid, almost every single real estate ad promotes how far of a drive the nearest coffee shop/bank/grocery store/laundromat/gym/etc. is located (bonus if it is walkable) as house amenities. In an oddly messed up, chicken-or-the-egg way, residents attract...more business investment.

When I say business investment, I'm talking big corporations investing in the community because there is a service need *and* a desire to fulfill that need because it makes sense. I'm specifically talking about broadband internet. Small rural towns are not able to provide or benefit from better-than-spotty internet service because AT&T and the like don't see it as worth it. That will in turn keep other residents away and other businesses away. They are inextricably linked. But let's move on.

Another vital benefit of businesses being in a community is their taxes. Business taxes go towards paying for municipal services. The more money there is, the more services and readiness measures the town can pay for to help them all survive a disaster. A lot of times when a disaster hits a smaller community, the first problem is the town can barely recover before the next one hits. The second problem is the soul-crushing nature of having no support or resources. Just because people didn't die doesn't mean the community is hurting.

Finally, my favorite benefit of business continuity for a community is the way businesses enhance the lives of those who live there. First, businesses provide a service the community wants or needs. Second, the business pays employees money so they can pay for their rent and food but also the extra things that enhance their lives. Where are they getting those things from? The other local businesses who are providing services to the community!

And that is why EaaS exists: the bigger picture. The bigger impact. The second, third and fourth order effects of helping business owners keep their dreams alive.

Let's do it together.

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