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You want "sexy"?

It’s not sexy. It’s got to get done. And you are so proud of yourself and feel accomplished afterwards. What is it? Adulting.

You get to do it in your life AND in your business. Woo-hoo!

I will never tell anyone who doesn’t love business continuity that it’s fun or easy (it’s both to me, but I’m not normal). It takes time. It is a process. It needs to be redone (but once you do it the first time, it is sooo much easier all the times afterwards! I promise!). You must exercise it and train on it. The effort pays off ten-fold, however.

Some business owners don’t want to hear about risk and what they need to do. Like teenagers don’t want to be told to be careful, wear a jacket, drive the speed limit, etc. A business continuity professional isn’t trying to be your parent, but they are trying to empower you so you can protect your investment.

If I packaged business continuity in a way that is appealing, I would crypt heavily from what marketing specialists do. They market marketing! They will sell a business owner on the idea they can 10x their profits in 5 simple bullet points! If that were true and/or possible, everyone would be doing it and the small business failure rate would not be at 80%.

My pitch:

Grow your business in ANY environment, navigate volatility AND SUCCESSFULLY recover when things go wrong in ONE bullet point.

That ONE bullet point?

Invest in business continuity.

It’s that simple. Let me show you how. And gosh, those words kind of sound they are the words that make up the full title of How to Not Kill Your Business, the book I wrote!!

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